“Bachelor in Paradise” Misconduct or Sexual Assault?!

"Bachelor in Paradise" Misconduct or Sexual Assault?!

Chris Harrison is speaking out about the halting of production of BIP. According to the news that broke on Sunday about production being suspended, Chris states that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Unfortunately, until the incident is fully resolved he can’t give us a lot of information, just that there was “misconduct”
The most important are the safety and care of the cast and crew, that is why production was suspended. They started an investigation immediately. They just want all the facts before making any decisions,
Rumors are flying that DeMario had an alleged sexual encounter with a female cast mate {Corrine Olympios} who by the way was drunk and wasn’t able to consent according to rumors.

"Bachelor in Paradise" Misconduct or Sexual Assault?!

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Corrine spoke out after the fact that they were drinking all day and she doesn’t remember getting naked in the pool with DeMario. TMZ reported that Olympios said she didn’t fully blame DeMario for the alleged incident because he was drunk too. She has since hired an attorney putting blame on the crew for not stopping the encounter. Come on now Corrine, we have seen you in action before, you’re not an easy person to control with or without alcohol.
The investigation is internal as of right now and no charges have been filed. They are asking fans to be patient.
Warner Bros released a statement saying they are aware of allegations of misconduct on the set. They are doing a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is completed, they will take appropriate actions. They are taking this very serious and they will not be resuming production this summer.

"Bachelor in Paradise" Misconduct or Sexual Assault?!

What will the outcome be, is Bachelor in Paradise done for good?

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