‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Finding Love? Or a Hookup?!

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'Bachelor in Paradise': Finding Love? Or a Hookup?!

Well, Demario Jackson is speaking out after Corrine Olympios took to the media. Corrine states she doesn’t remember what happened that night but knows something bad happened. She is claiming she is a victim and has hired a very high-powered attorney Marty Singer to potentially file a lawsuit. So who is the lawsuit against? the show or Demario? She wants justice and also therapy to get on with her life. well, Corrine, you should have been in therapy a long time ago

I feel for women who are victimized and they deserve justice, but we all have seen Corrine in action, so is she the one who started this and should Demario get justice? What happened to her stating she doesn’t blame Demario.
Demario made a statement to Enews. “It is unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations and I will be taking swift and appropriate legal action to clear my name” He will also be seeking all available remedies entitled to him under the law.

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A source made a comment to People ” He certainly isn’t the man he’s being portrayed to be”” It is hard for his loved ones to sit and watch the slanderous accusations and comments from individuals who don’t know anything about who is”

There are no authorities involved to date. We know that production has stopped and will not resume this summer.

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