‘Bachelor in Paradise’: #BIP Breaks the Rules for Contestant Amanda Stanton!

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'Bachelor in Paradise': #BIP Breaks the Rules for Contestant Amanda Stanton!

Here’s a hot off the press scoop for y’all! The weekly reality TV series, “Bachelor in Paradise” has come up with a brand new set of rules to make absolutely sure that anyone who works on the set during filming will be completely safe – this includes everyone, no matter what their job is on the set, while the cast and crew continue shooting in the fabulous country of Mexico as they enter their 4th season of being on the air. However, producers of the highly popular reality show, have decided to let “Amanda Stanton” come back as a contestant. Apparently she has been on the show before so, this is her big break – from what “TooFab” has recently discovered. When all of the ladies, who signed up and are chosen to be on the show, begin shooting the 1st episode of every new season, they are asked to hand over their cell phones.   An odd request  considering those phones belong to the contestants and no one else on the set should have access to their personal inf.  However, “Stanton” is the only exception to this rule and for good reason. She is the mother of two children, both of which are very young, so they have decided to give this lovely mother, at age 27, permission to talk to her kids by Facetime using her own phone.  Her ex, Nick Buonfiglio,   gave a statement to “TooFab” too clarify his ex-wife’s situation. Basically saying that she is never allowed to talk about the show to anyone, especially her own family. She is never allowed to mention one single word to her kids regarding anything that takes place.  The reason being is due to the fact that producers of the show are now listening in on her phone conversations, making sure she doesn’t violate the rules when she Facetimes with her daughters. “[It’s] just normal talk with the girls,” as Mr. Buonfiglio stated. “She asks them how they are and tells them she can’t wait to see them. They are so excited when they get to see their mom.”

Kinsley who is Stanton’s oldest child, has no idea where her mother is located, so, while “mama” is away from her nest, trying to be chosen by the gorgeous looking guy who is the star of the show.  All Kinsley can do is wait for her mom to contact her two precious girls. This is very hard on Kinsley, especially since her mother was previously seen on last year’s season of the infamous reality show, “Bachelor in Paradise,” not to mention all the glam and glitter her mother receives, which comes with the fame of being on a really famous TV show. Due to the fact, that mother and daughters are only allowed to talk to each other via “FaceTime” when the camera crew continues to film, Kinsley also believes that she is receiving the same exact perks as her mother is getting from the show itself. “She tells me, ‘Daddy, I’m famous. I’m famous because of ‘The Bachelor.” Sadly, Charlie, Ms. Stanton’s baby girl doesn’t quite understand what her older sister is talking about.

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It sounds like Amanda’s ex-hubby is doing a good job of watching their two girls while their mother is away. We can only wish that mom comes home soon for her daughters benefit.

Written by Renee Barbee

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