GRIM OUTLOOK! RHOA NeNe Leakes Future Jeopardized After Rape Rant!

You know I love NeNe and always have…she’s the OG of Atlanta. She’s literally come from humble beginnings and built an empire, however there’s something most definitely going on with her lately and I’m not quite certain what it is. Things are going from bad to worse in her life after a casual get together […]

Bravo Bringing Another Housewives City To Us!

So many fans of the show have been waiting literally for years for the Miami housewives to return. When they were on…Bravo was relatively new with only a few other franchises compared to the myriad of choices we have today. Ratings weren’t what they expected and sadly the Real Housewives Of Miami was cancelled. Well […]

RHOC Star Awarded Millions After Being Raped By Law Enforcement Officer!

They’re supposed to be the pillars of our communities. Our heroes. Those who uphold the law while protecting our citizens. That couldn’t be further from the truth when the young daughter of OC’s Lynne Curtin was brutally raped by an on-duty Deputy Sheriff. Alexa Curtin was 22 when she and her former boyfriend got into […]

TLC’s ‘Little People, Big World’ Matt Roloff’s Secret Cocaine, Drug And Alcohol Addiction!

If…if these words didn’t literally come from his own mouth I highly doubt I’d even believe them. Yet they are true as TLC’s reality star Matt Roloff speaks openly and candidly about his drug and alcohol addiction in his shocking memoir. The abuse was gradual and began in the early 80’s with experimental use of […]

Jinger And Jeremy Moving To Scotland As Jim Bob Explodes In Anger?!

Well the father of Jinger Duggar certainly wasn’t thrilled when his daughter decided to uproot her life and the norm of the Duggar daughters when she moved to Laredo, Texas with her husband Jeremy last November. He made it very clear he wasn’t happy about this to his new son-in-law, although he had no choice […]

RHOC Shannon Beador’s Dr. Tim Not A Dr. At All Practices Unlicensed Acupuncture After Several Complaints!

Leave it to Shannon Beador to take her young daughter Stella who only had a small head cold to her fat-shaming Dr. Tim Ramirez for an acupuncture session when the guy isn’t even licensed. Not only has he been practicing without any formal training or credentials he’s had several complaints from past patients to the […]

Married Only A few Weeks Kendra Caldwell Suffocated By Joseph Duggar’s Controlling Ways!

When you’re young and dating it’s nice to take your time and enjoy several different people in your life. Not according to the Duggar philosophy. You meet someone, ask permission to court them, aren’t allowed to hold hands or kiss and pre-marital sex is definitely taboo. However once you’re married, since birth control is also […]

Father Dies! Bravo’s Real Housewife Loses Parent Last Wednesday!

You never think at times when we watch the housewives each week that sad or bad or tragic things can ever happen to them…well they can and they did. Last Wednesday, former ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’s’ Heather Dubrow lost her father as she shared a black and white photo on social media with a […]

THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT! The Real Reason RHOC Heather Dubrow Didn’t Return This Season!

Why isn’t Fancy Pants a part of this season of the ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County…well, let me count the ways. If you ask Heather she’s going to give you her stock answer and response she’s given to Bravo and any source that’s interviewed her which are all lies and fabrications of the truth. “The […]

Newlyweds Kendra And Joseph Duggar Building Beautiful Home As They Start A Family!

What is so nice about the Duggar family is when one has a very special event in their lives…there’s sure to be a family member to support them along the way. And so it goes for newlyweds Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar who have only been married a short time after a brief courtship. Joseph […]

PREGNANT AGAIN?! Latest Photo Shocks Jill Dillard Fans As Husband Derick Begs Fans For Money!

It seems as if your name is Duggar or Dillard or Seewald…one thing is for certain and that is controversy is sure to follow. Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard just welcomed their son Samuel into the world in July and made their family of three…a family of four. The couple made a recent […]

DUGGAR CONTROVERSY! Joy Anna And Austin Stir Up Major Outrage From Followers Over Family Camp!

You know there’s still so many people on social media that seem to enjoy bashing and ridiculing the Duggar family no matter what they do. Controversy first began with 19-year old Joy Anna and her 23-year old husband Austin Forsyth when they announced their pregnancy and followers said she was much further along based upon […]


Seems the diva from Beverly Hills has some explaining to do after she upsets her fans at the Los Angeles ‘Girl Cult Festival’ last month. Those who adore and worship the blonde-bombshell waited for hours for a moment of her time and a photo during a rally that promoted “kick ass women and allies who […]

FANS OUTRAGED! Josh Duggar Offers Relationship Advice At Kendra And Joe’s Wedding!

  The families and friends of the Duggar clan all gathered together once again as son Joe married his sweetheart Kendra Caldwell last Friday in a beautiful ceremony. What took many by surprise was the attendance of both Anna and Josh Duggar. Anna because she is so pregnant and due at any moment, many didn’t […]

MAN WHORE! LuAnn’s Ex Tom D’Agostino’s Sickening Details Of Infidelity And New Engagement!

You know the more I hear this guys name the more I want to puke. What a loser he is and the fact that he was never faithful to his wife, LuAnn de Lesseps while they were married only makes me want to scream. The couples eight month marriage came to an abrupt end in […]

DIVORCE LOOMING! Vanderpump Rules Katie And Tom’s Marriage Rocky Think Baby Will Save it!

What? Are you two insane? If your marriage is not what you expected and the communication level has gone from bad to worse…the last thing you need to be thinking about is bringing a child into this world. Katie Maloney, 30 and her husband Tom Schwartz, 34 have been telling family and friends just how […]