Billy Bush and Wife Sydney Davis Split After Nearly 20 Years of Marriage

Another sad day in Hollywood for one celebrity couple – Billy Bush has had his fair share of problems since 2016, however, his wife, Sydney Davis has decided that enough is enough and their marriage is now over. A spokesperson, speaking to “ET” on behalf of Billy has now confirmed that this once happily married […]

Lady Gaga Cancels World Tour Due to Severe Illness

Y’all know how awesome Lady Gaga is and what an amazing singer, dancer and entertainer. She has been since the beginning of her career. Unfortunately, until further notice, we must announce that she is being forced to cancel all future concerts. The infamous and fabulous “Lady Gaga” made a statement explaining to her fans that […]

Jessa Duggar Posts Video of Spurgeon Causing Fans to Ask If He Can Talk Yet?!

Who doesn’t love to post adorable videos on social media of their babies and other small children?! Well, in this case, Jessa – being as young as she is, most likely thought that her cute, sweet and adorable video post of “Spurgeon” her first born son, was just that – purely innocent, which Jessa (Duggar) […]

Prince Harry Releases Announcement Regarding Princess Kate’s Pregnancy

Prince Harry Reacts to Princess Kate’s Baby News – and Gives a Health Update as She Battles Hyperemesis Gravidarum – The Queen is “delighted” with the news, the Palace said in a statement. Whoa! How wonderful for Prince Harry, brother of Prince William, who just shared some very exciting info regarding his “royal family” to […]

Serena Williams Gave Birth To Her First Baby, A Girl Who Probably Has Her Mom’s Famous Serve!

The newly engaged tennis pro, “Serena Williams” who recently announced that she was expecting her first child sometime this summer, finally gave birth on Friday of last week. Woohoo! The worldwide tennis champ is now a mother and her fans cannot be more excited. Serena is climbing her way back to the top of the […]

**BREAKING NEWS** Joy-Anna Duggar Is Expecting Her First Child!

Well, those rumors about Joy-Anna already pregnant have now become factual. Yes in deed, another Duggar baby is in progress. Joy-Anna and her newly wed hubby, Austin are expecting their first bambino – in other words baby. Joy-Anna, also a reality celeb on her families TV show “Counting On” spoke to PEOPLE magazine and gave […]

The Actual Cause of Jerry Lewis’ Death Verified By the County Coroner

  On Sunday, August 20th, the world found out that the ONE and ONLY “Jerry Lewis” has passed away of heart failure. This was confirmed on Monday, the 21st of this month, from the actual coroner for “Clark County” – which is located in the state of Nevada. Jerry was a legend and one hell […]

Joseph Duggar Getting Married to Kendra Caldwell Tomorrow?!

Well, Joeseph has been engaged to his fiance, Kendra Caldwell for the last few months, however they never really indicated the actual date of their wedding. Well, as usual, its now been rumored that this happy couple is planning to get married on Saturday, the 26th of this month! The infamous on line magazine referred […]

Duggar Family In Major Trouble Regarding Private Plane, Josh Duggar Refuses To Help Wife Deplane?!

Duggar Family In Hot Water Over Private Aircraft, Josh Duggar Gets Flak After Failing To Help Wife Deplane As we all know family members from the Duggar household and those who are married and live elsewhere are constantly on the go – and, just a week or two ago, they were in the “spotlight” as […]

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo & Hubby Jeremy Share Adorable “Date Night” Videos & Jinger’s New Look!

Many couples who are married set aside a “date-night” at least once or twice a month – and that’s exactly what Jinger and her hubby, Jeremy have been doing for quite a while now. However, they don’t normally take videos of their dates – and in this case their fans are absolutely loving those special […]

Derick Dillard Under Attack AGAIN For His Lack of Sensitivity!!

This guy just doesn’t seem to be able to stop all the ruckus via his personal Twitter site – that being Derick Dillard himself. If y’all saw those nasty tweets he posted talking about his views regarding “Jazz Jennings” another famous reality star on TLC, the “anti-transgender” attack against Jennings got Derick, the famous hubby […]

Derick Dillard Hired To Work With Young Folks, After Bullying Teen Transgender!

Here we go again! Jill (Duggar) Dillard and her hubby, Derick decided to leave El Salvador behind and begin a new adventure in the land of “Oz” – actually, they are back in Kansas toto and they plan to stay there, at least for now. This happy couple has a brand new ministry that they […]

Jill and Derick Dillard Seem Ecstatic After Posting C3 Pics, Fans Upset About Izzy’s Black Eye!

Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard Are Hyped As They Post More C3 Pictures, Fans Criticize Israel’s Black Eye Jill, along with her hubby, Derick are ecstatic regarding the fact that they get to be involved in their very own ministry, which appears to be brand new. After leaving Central America and never looking back, it looks […]