Derick Dillard Creates A Stir During Washington, DC Trip!

Many members of the Duggar have kept their political beliefs personal. However, Derick Dillard, Jill’s husband, has been quite open about his vote in the recent election. Quite recently, Derick posted some photos of his trip to D.C with his church, then bought something from the gift shop to symbolize his support for Trump. Some […]

Did Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth Exchange Their Vows Earlier Than They Are Letting On?

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have already exchanged their wedding vows however, TLC is preparing to air their 2-hour wedding special. Just recently, some sources have already released previews of the special but fans are counting down the days until the full episode premieres. The preview shows the couple moments before guests arrive in the […]

Did Javi Marroquin Really Want To Get Back Together With Kailyn Lowry?

Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 has moved on but Javi Marroquin clearly hasn’t completely. Lowry has been open about some of her relationships since her breakup with her ex-husband Javi. On the other hand, Javi still wants the two to get back together. Kail has also stated that when the couple did the segment […]

Jana Duggar’s Rumored Man Doesn’t Follow Typical Courtship Rules

Is another Duggar girl getting ready to say “I do?” Recently, Jana Duggar, the eldest Duggar girl is the center of the latest Duggar rumor saying that she is courting a man that in unknown to fans. This mystery man has been seen in many recently uploaded family photos. This is something fans have been […]

Michelle Duggar Went From Wearing Nothing But A Bikini To Banning Pants In Her Home!

How do you imagine Michelle Duggar, the mother of 19 as a teenager? You would probably imagine long skirts and dresses covering up most of her skin but as it turns out, Michelle dressed quite a bit different than the way that her own teenage daughters dress. In high school, Michelle wore very short skirts […]

Johannah and Mackynzie Duggar Have Their Birthday Lunch Early!

Recently, the Duggar girls spent some time celebrating both Johannah and Mackynzie’s birthdays. Although Mackynzie’s Birthday was yesterday and Johannah’s Birthday is on the eleventh of October, the Duggar girls decided to celebrate earlier. To celebrate, they went out on a lunch date. However there are many fans who noticed that the Duggar girls have […]

Is Leah Messer Pregnant With Baby #4?!

  Is Leah Messer from ‘Teen Mom 2’ preparing for baby Number 4!? After Leah shared a photo on Instagram fans started to speculate about the flowy top shown in the picture. Especially after reading the caption “never stop believing in hope,miracles happen everyday.” Leah has recently expressed that she was having suicidal thoughts. She […]