#TeamJody Progress For The Amazing Race

For those of us that watched Big Brother 19 this summer, we all know about “Jody.” Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson were the couple to beat. In the beginning, they held all the power and were well liked until Cody went rogue and attempted to nominate one of his supposed own alliance members. After that, […]

Captain Georgiou Haunts Discovery!

Fans of Michelle Yeoh were ecstatic when they discovered that she would be on CBS’s new show “Star Trek: Discovery”, however, they were very upset when her character. Captain Phillipa Georgiou, was killed by Klingon leader, T’Kumva in the second part of the series Premiere, titled”Battle At The Binary Stars.” During New York’s Comic Con’s […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Rumors: Doogie Howser Coming to Big Brother?!

Celebrity Big Brother is finally happening in the U.S. During a live episode of Big Brother 19, Julie Chen announced that the U.S. would be airing a celebrity edition of the show this coming winter. This was welcome news for Big Brother fans. There have been no official contestants announced for Celebrity Big Brother yet. […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Parents in Possible Suit Against Senator?!

Lindsay Lohan’s parents, Michael and Dina Lohan, state that they are seeking legal counsel in regards to a statement made by Lousiana Senator John Kennedy. They state that the Senator made a slanderous statement in regards to Lindsay. Wednesday, there was a Senate Hearing regarding the Eqifax Data hack. CEO Richard Smith was asked why […]

“Blue Bloods” Blindside Viewers!

Blue Bloods was an emotional episode Friday evening. Die-hard fans knew something was amiss when Amy Carlson, the actress that portrays Linda Reagan on the show, was conspicuously missing. The episode opened with Danny(Donnie Wahlberg) walking beside his sister Erin(Bridget Moynahan). She has asked Danny to go with her to check on her ex-husband, Jack. […]