With Celebrity Big Brother Right Around The Corner, Who Will Be On The Celebrity Line Up?!?

With Celebrity Big Brother Right Around The Corner, Who Will Be On The Celebrity Line Up?!? An article from www.celebdirtylaundry.com reports the latest speculation is that Jersey Shore Alum, Nicole Polizzi, “Snooki” is interested in the show. Since her departure from Jersey Shore she has been investing in being a successful businesswoman and mother of […]

#BB19 Cody Nickson Apologizes To Josh Martinez And His Familia After Show’s Finale!!

  BB19 winner Josh Martinez was blown away by the respect former housemate Cody Nickson exhibited to himself and his family. He said after the show’s finale Cody came to him, shook his hand, and apologized saying it was just a game. He went on to apologize to Josh’s parents saying he was so sorry […]

Post Finale #BB19 Conducts Backyard Facebook Live Interviews With Departing Houseguests And Dr. Will!

With the show’s 19th season coming to an end, fans will get one final interview with the departing houseguests before they return back to the real world. Former houseguest of BB2 and BB7 Dr. Will Kirby will conduct the interview in the backyard of the BB house. Have a question for the Houseguests? Tweet it […]

#BB19 Evictee Raven Has Deemed Herself And Boyfriend Matt As The House Puppet Masters!

  Raven is at it once again! Not only did Raven put her fellow BB houseguests through her never-ending ramblings of illnesses and accomplishments, now that she’s in the jury house she has named herself and Matt as the Puppet Masters! In a clip shown during Thursday night’s live eviction show, Elena laughed outright when […]

Evicted #BB19 Jason Dent Doubts Puppet Master Paul Will Score The Jury Votes Needed To Win Big Brother 19!

Its a well known fact that recently blindsided Jason Dent left the BB house shocked and angry, to say the least! The week went much like every other week when Jason had been put on the block as a pawn. Only this time Jason was evicted, instead of Kevin. The ‘plan’ had been for Alex […]

#BB19 Josh Martinez’s Family Makes Decision To Keep Evacuation Plans From Josh!

As the season moves into the final two weeks for the Big Brother houseguests, they have absolutely no clue what’s going on in the outside world. Newly crowned HOH and a front runner for final three, Josh Martinez hales from Miami Florida, which is currently under mandatory evacuation awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma. In […]

“Big Brother 19” Spoilers: Josh And Christmas Speculate On Paul’s Gameplay!

This week’s HOH Christmas and housemate Josh discussing how Paul is managing to get through these evictions with no ‘blood on his hands’. Josh, in awe, states ‘he is a smart f**k!’   As the duo discusses Raven and how sooner or later someone would have to put her on the block and they agreed […]

“Big Brother 19” Spoilers: Will Paul Finally Be Outed For Playing All Sides?!

Houseguest Josh seems to be figuring out Paul’s game play. In a private conversation with Christmas he tells her he is uncomfortable with Paul’s latest ploy regarding this week’s nominations. With Jason and Alex being on the block this week, Paul wanted to win POV by everyone pitching it to him, which is what happened. […]

“Big Brother 19” News: Kevin’s Wife Disgusted’ At Jason Dent’s Inappropriate Rape Jokes!

Wife Of BB19 Houseguest Kevin Schlehuber ‘Disgusted’ At Jason Dent’s Inappropriate Rape Jokes!   TMZ.com reports, in an interview with Kevin’s wife Deborah, she was disgusted with Jason Dent. Deborah said watching him make those comments while laughing hysterically on live feeds was the ‘worst thing she had ever seen’. Deborah goes on to say […]

“Big Brother 19” BREAKING NEWS: Jessica Graf Lands Role On The Bold And The Beautiful!

“Big Brother 19” BREAKING NEWS: Jessica Graf Lands Role On The Bold And The Beautiful! An article on the website Entertainment Weekly (EW) discloses former Big Brother houseguest Jessica Graf will appear on The Bold and The Beautiful. Jessica’s controversial stay and eviction from the BB house was partly because of her involvement in a […]

“Big Brother 19” Spoilers: Paul Turn Sights On Duo Alex And Jason For Next Eviction!

BB19 Houseguest Paul Turn Sights On Duo Alex And Jason For Next Eviction! Bigbrothernetwork.com is making predictions on how week 10 in the BB house will play out. There is no disputing the fact that Paul is in complete control of the house without any opposition. He has manipulated and maneuvered his way into a […]

#BB19 “Have Not” HG Matt Cline Defiant After Veto Was Not Used To Remove Girlfriend Raven From Block!

Big Brother 19 has been full of twists and temptations with their fair share of arguments and disagreements. An already controversial, cast to say the least, with Raven having multiple illnesses – and the list keeps grown, Christmas’s injury and staying in the house without playing in comps, Josh’s bullying, Paul’s manipulation, Cody telling Josh […]

“Big Brother 19” News: #BB19 Has Fans Seeing Red Over Outrageous Behavior!

This season of Big Brother (19) has been one of much controversy and the show will not end until September 20. Each houseguest has followed implicit instructions from Puppet Master Paul or suffered the consequences. The very few who has stood against him could not rally enough votes to send Paul packing and ended up […]

Jessica Graf Teases She Has Good News She ‘Can’t Wait To Share’…Causing Fans to Think She is Pregnant?!

Former BB19 Houseguest Jessica Graf Tweets She Has Good News She ‘Can’t Wait To Share’, Fans Speculate ‘Could She Be Pregnant!?’ An article on inquisitr.com reports Former BB19 houseguest Jessica tweeted she has good news she can’t wait to share and BB fans have gone wild with speculation that she’s pregnant. During her and boyfriend […]