It’s The Place Where Magic Happens…Especially For Rob and Chyna!

Fathers Day found Dads everywhere spending the day with their children. And what a better place to spend the day, than at the most magical place in the world; Disneyland! While is wasn’t the usual Kardashian style media event, there must have been some magic in the air. Rob appeared to be enjoying a quiet, […]

‘Big Brother 19’ News Houseguest Lives Exposed: Christmas Abbott

Can I really be a BADASS??? According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of a badass isn’t someone wears ripped leather jackets or fights for the fun of fighting. Being badass is something entirely different. Could ripped abs be the definition? What about fighting through the craving of a hot fudge brownie sundae? Fighting that […]

‘Big Brother 19’ News Houseguest Lives Exposed: Jason Dent

He’s a Cowboy, and that ain’t no bull! I’m sure you’ve all wondered what the life of a rodeo clown is like. And if you haven’t, we’re about to enlighten you! BB19 Houseguest Jason Dent, also known as Whistle-Nut, is also a rodeo clown. Whistle-Nut, a former rodeo cowboy, turned clown, decided to give bull-riding […]