Ashton Kutcher Loves Rachel the “Bachelorette”, What Does Mila Say?

Ashton is fan-girling over Rachel and said so on the Tonight show, he and wife Mila was on an early episode of the ‘Bachelorette’, they wanted to be on the show because they are mega fans! He spoke to Jimmy Fallon more about the ‘Bachelorette’ than he did his upcoming Netflix sitcom”The Ranch”.  Ashton stated, “I’ve met a lot of people Obama, Bill Gates and people ask What’s Rachel like”? He said she is smart, beautiful she has a job and he was so excited that he had to go help her.

Ashton Kutcher Loves Rachel the "Bachelorette", What Does Mila Say?

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He and Mila helped Rachel in a challenge, the guys had to prove their domestic skills at being a husband and father. Ashton was so happy to be on the show that he actually borrowed the “Trophy Husband” t-shirt from someone on the Warner Bros lot. He begged the stranger to give him the shirt, the guy didn’t want to give it up saying it was a wedding present from his wife, but Ashton’s skills got him the shirt! He found the guy after the show and gave him his shirt back. What we do for love!!

Ashton Kutcher Loves Rachel the "Bachelorette", What Does Mila Say?

It’s funny on how these celebrities are big fans of the show, but Ashton is probably the biggest, and of course, we can’t forget his wife Mila Kunis.

Ashton stated, “Watching the ‘Bachelorette’ with Mila is the greatest guilty pleasure”.

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