Are The Putmans the New Duggars ??

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It is said that the show Meet The Putmans could possibly be the New Duggars.
Yes the Putmans are a VERY large family, in fact a family of 26!! But it’s not like The Duggars, in fact Bill and Barb if compared to the Duggars are the Patriarch and Matriarch of the house. Here’s the spin…they only have 4 children! Well not children anymore, they all are married but their spouses move into the house where the 4 live. Not only that but ALL of the married couples children now live there, making it a grand total of 26 since Blair just had her 3rd child. He was born by c-section and Jamie her husband is in the middle of his residency at the hospital. Because of that him, Blair and their 2 boy’s lives in an apartment close to the hospital. So Blair went home to the families home so she had help with all 3 of her children while she recouperated from her c-section. This huge family only lives in a 6,000 sq ft house!! Only having 1 washer and 1 dryer…which broke!!! Could you imagine doing 26 people’s laundry with 1 washer and 1 dryer??? No way…not me!! Plus now you have to haul all that laundry to the laundromat!! Imaging all the quarter’s they had to go through…um WOW!! Oh and speaking of quarters…the ENTIRE family shares 1 bank account!! Blows my MIND! Giggling, I wonder who manages that check book? Do they all just hand over receipts to that 1 single person? No thanks I have a hard enough time trying to balance a checkbook for just me and my husband haha!!

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They are in the process of building a 34,000 sq ft house now. Barb found out she don’t have breast cancer ( which is awesome )!!! Because it does run in her family. Jen, she’s Billy’s wife is a little heavier than the rest of the women in the house and she’s very unhappy with herself and the way she looks…I personally think she’s beautiful but I know how she feels. Her and Billy were getting ready to go on a date and she asked him for his help to pick something to wear. He didn’t like either option she gave him, he wanted her to wear a dress he had bought for her. She started to cry, he thought she didn’t like the dress until she said it’s not the dress…” I don’t like me “. He was so sweet when he told her I bought that dress because I know you will look beautiful in it!! Awe so sweet and sounds just like my husband. She wore it but then later talked with the other women in the house about how she feels about herself through her tears. They of course comfort her and give her a lot of moral support…even offered to diet and exercise with her. But unlike the Duggars the Putnam women wear whatever they want and the men don’t rule the roost so to speak. They do everything as ONE BIG family!

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