Are The Johnstons Headed For A Divorce?!!

 Are The Johnstons Headed For A Divorce?!!

The Johnstons who we met back when the TLC series first premiered in 2015 are described as “the world’s largest family of achondroplasia dwarfs.” The family has seemed to win over the hearts of many since then. Trent and Amber Johnston have five children however, only two are biological and three have been adopted. Jonah and Elizabeth are their biological children while Anna, Alex and Emma were adopted. Anna is originally from Russian, Alex from Korea and Emma from China. Some of their loyal fans are worried that Trent and Amber’s marriage may end in divorce!

 Are The Johnstons Headed For A Divorce?!!

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On the sneak peak for the all new episode coming next week, Trent and Amber sit their family down and said “Y’all got to listen up for a minuet.Um me and Mom got something really important to tell you,” he expressed with tears in his eyes. He then said “You guys are our first priority and we’re going to keep it like that. It’s tough, but it’s something we have to do.” This statement made fans very sad because they thought there was a possibility that they could be divorcing in the near future. We are hoping that this isn’t the case and it is just the way the commercial was edited. In the past, the couple had discussed expanding their family by adopting yet another child. Maybe instead of divorce they were going to give their final decision. Amber has said that she felt a strong connection to a two gear old child that was up for adoption, “ I really have the feeling that, you know, he should be a Johnston.” On the other hand, Trent was unsure he said, “I don’t want to be retired and still have grade school kids.” He also explained that “the least amount of responsibility in life we have, the better off we are. If we set ourselves up with yet another young child and something happens to us, we’ve got this responsibility hanging out behind us.”

The couple met at a little people convention. They immediately hit it of. After three years of dating the pair married and five months later Amber and Trent learnt that they were expecting. After many months of anticipation their first child Jonah was born. Hopefully the reality TV stars will remain together and have a blessed marriage!

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