Another “Teen Mom 2” Pregnancy?!

Is there another “Teen Mom 2” pregnancy? Leah Messer is denying reports after daughter Adalynn 3 years old, yelled out during a Facebook Live session saying “Tell them about the baby in your belly.” At once the live stream ended without warning.

Leah later returned to Facebook saying “I have enough respect for all of you to tell you if I am pregnant,” and “Let’s just say that you have to be in a serious relationship and intimate with someone for that to happen. The only male I’m cuddling is my brand new adorable male puppy!”

Another “Teen Mom 2” Pregnancy?!

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Not admitting anything, Leah added a statement to Instagram saying “As you grow in living your standard by setting boundaries and ferociously loving yourself, you will start to see people clearly. You will be reminded of what feels good and what doesn’t; helping you to refine your standards. When people reveal themselves to you, be thankful. Even if you feel hurt or disappointed appreciate the blessing of clarity,” Leah continued. “Appreciate those who show you who they are – revealing their character. It is a gift! Perspective is key,” and “When you let go of anything that is toxic, it is never a loss and always a gain. Let your life radiate your values and in turn attract the most beautiful friends & lovers. Align with the best version of you!”

It seems that Leah Messer is learning about life, reaching for the stars and is in a good place. Good luck and continue on your journey Leah.

Written by Cheryl S.

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