Another Divorce Scandal as Anna Duggar’s Sister Skips Out on Hubby!

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Another Divorce Scandal as Anna Duggar's Sister Skips Out on Hubby!

OK, so now it has become very obvious that Anna will NOT divorce her husband, Josh Duggar – NOPE, never ever – how could she?! With 4 kids and another on its way, what’s the point?! We all know what Josh has done, and there seems to be absolutely NO remorse from a man who has been accused of sexually molesting 5 young teens several years ago. And of course, his idiotic sex scandal from the “Ashley Madison” on line member account was a double whammy. Some have called him a predator. Well, who can blame them?! Josh committed the cardinal sin by cheating on Anna, his wife of many years. How can he even live with himself knowing that he molested 4 of his own sisters  simply disgusting.

As a matter of fact, reports stating that his marriage to Anna has grown much stronger have come to light.  This began soon after Josh spent 6 long months in a “faith-based” rehab for those who have an addiction to sex.

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Anna is once again expecting her 5th baby with husband Josh, and, from what inside sources have said, Anna is way too busy caring for her 4 children, along with making preparations for baby number 5.  Now certain sources are stating that Anna  likes being out of the spotlight and away from those who continue to criticize her on the set of the Duggar’s reality TV show, along with showing her face for the camera crew from the TLC network, which airs “Counting On.”

However, it appears that certain members of the “Keller” family, which is (a relative of Anna’s family) doesn’t have a humongous amount of patience regarding the way that Josh Duggar has mistreated his own wife.

A new report from “Radar Online” which was released last month, has stated that “Rebekah McDonald”, Anna’s sister, who is older, along with Anna’s brother-in-law, “Joshua McDonald,” have decided to end their marriage of many years.

Believe it or not, Anna’s own family,  the “Keller’s”, seem to be a lot more traditional than Anna’s in-laws are. Hard to imagine that Anna and Rebekah’s mom and dad do not seem to have an issue about this pending divorce regarding Rebekah’s marriage. Or, perhaps Joshua committed an act of mental or physical abuse, and/or cheated on his wife.

Also, Rebekah wasted no time by quickly filing divorce documents, however, she has also gone one step further, by asking that the court awards her full time custody of their 2 children.  Which, by the way, appears to be in her favor and might just be approved by the judge.

Most couples who choose to get divorced have all kinds of issues, but in Rebekah’s case, she said that the main reason she decided to file for divorce is due to “discord” and/or “conflict of personalities”.  This basically means absolutely nothing to those of us who are trying to figure out what the exact terms or policies are, which the judge considers valid for married couples who file for divorce. Frustrating to say the least in a fundamental way.  All we know right now is that the patriarch’s from both the Duggar family and the Keller family have done their best to keep the peace but many times, it just doesn’t work.

Since this story broke, sources are now stating that Rebekah’s divorce has been finalized, however, she did have to approve of lesser terms regarding the settlement.

Both Rebekah and her now estranged hubby, Joshua must share custody of their 2 kids.

As it stands now, Rebekah is a single lady without any burden on her, however, we have no idea IF or when she will be allowed to attend any upcoming events OR if she will even be invited to any future parties that her family gathers for, including other various events.

Very sad situation for Anna and her sister Rebekah, however, we wish the very best for both ladies and their children.

Written by Renee Barbee

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