Anna Duggar, Pregnant With 5th Child, Praised For Her Strength!

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Anna Duggar, Pregnant With 5th Child, Praised For Her Strength!

We don’t always see or hear much about Anna she normally stays back out of sight as well as the spotlight within the Duggar circle of their huge family. Which isn’t fair at all since she is a member of the Duggars and should shine like the rest of them. Sadly, those awful scandals by Anna’s hubby, Josh,  put a damper on things as one can imagine. Yes, he said he was sorry over and over again but that was mainly for show so the spotlight would once again be on him. Didn’t work to well, did it?! However, Anna is carrying her cheating husband’s 5th child inside of her belly so guess what, that shining light is once again focused on Anna and fans all over the world are waiting anxiously for news updates, not to mention the Duggars’ followers who seem to adore her for being a strong woman and dealing with life as best she can.

Anna Duggar, Pregnant With 5th Child, Praised For Her Strength!

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And now, the really big question of the day is Josh able, willing and ready to handle the daily stress of being a father once again?! It remains to be seen if things will change for the better and the ugliness of those scandals begin to slowly fade away. It’s highly possible but unlikely. Just a couple of days ago, on the 8th of this month, “Radar Online” published a story stating there are those who are very upset and worried that Josh won’t be able to handle the responsibilities of caring for his new infant son. We all know the controversy surrounding Josh, the eldest boy in the Duggar family, who created this mess. Once upon a time he was quite popular on “19 Kids And Counting”  his family’s 1st reality TV show until it got axed by TLC. This is a critical time for not only Anna and Josh, but for the family’s livelihood, the concerns focus mainly on his mental and emotional state of mind. Parenthood is a huge undertaking and as a father, he must provide for his family meaning he needs to secure funds to feed a family of 6 when their baby is born.

Anna Duggar, Pregnant With 5th Child, Praised For Her Strength!

One source told Radar, “details are sketchy but it appears that there is some good news on the horizon regarding Anna and her unborn child, as well as her marriage to Josh. “Anna’s pregnancy has gone really well. She’s feeling great and she and Josh seem to be in a good place right now.”

However, the good news regarding Anna and how she has handled this pregnancy. Anna has struggled to take care of herself and her family after the fall-out was over from the scandal. Bad press hurts a lot of people, including the shows reputation and that’s exactly what happened years ago when we learned that Josh had done the unthinkable by allegedly sexually molesting 4 of his female siblings. Then, another bomb shell dropped when news broke that the on line site “Ashley Madison” had been hacked. Josh was a member and cheated on his wife. One of which supposedly was a celebrity who makes porno films.

We might add that Anna, herself, must be a Saint after deciding to wait very patiently while her husband did his time in rehab for 6 long months to try and cure him of the sexual crimes he committed against her. Josh put Anna through hell, but she continues to remain strong for her children.  She is definitely a survivor, from what we have seen and read. This source has also stated that Josh would most likely never win “Father of the Year” he just doesn’t seem to care that much. However, the source also mentioned that there may be hope after all for this husband and father of 4 kids sometime down the road.

“Josh hasn’t always been the most helpful with raising the kids, but he seems to be stepping up to the plate a bit more now.”

Not only that, this source now says that Josh, along with Anna hardly ever went to see anyone in Anna’s family.

However, Josh’s in-laws decided it was time to purchase several items for their 5th grandchild and making an effort to visit Anna and a few of her family members.

“They even came to Florida to visit with Anna’s family which doesn’t happen often,” said the source. “They went shopping for the baby and spent nice quality time with her family.”

But, even though it appears that Anna and Josh might be working things out for the sake of their marriage, one source has stated that Josh is having a very hard time financially.

“It’s her fifth child, and I know Josh’s used car business isn’t doing great,” as the insider revealed.

“I don’t know how they do it having another mouth to feed.”

Josh has had a really tough time just trying to keep his head above water. Especially after losing a somewhat prestigious job a while back, working at a place called “Family Research Council”, which happened to be one of those lobbyist groups, claiming to be conservative. Which, by the way, is now headed to court after being sued. A direct result from Josh and using phony accounts that he set up on the web. Apparently he was trying to use a photo of a well-known D.J. on those fake sites. The lawsuit case will begin court proceedings on the 22nd of this month. This means that Anna may have to endure another round of stressful days while she completes her last trimester before giving birth sometime this summer.

There are several other issues are in store for Josh, the source has mentioned how much they appreciate the much welcomed excitement that Anna is showing regarding the upcoming birth of her 5th child with her scandalous husband. OK, we realize everyone makes mistake but still, at least Anna is doing her best to leave the past behind and go forward.

“I’m just happy they are in a better place these days and that Anna seems happy,” stated this one insider.
“But fans are making it clear that when it comes to the Duggar family, they have faith in Anna’s ability as a strong woman [Anna is] really excited for the baby to be born. I just hope they can figure out a better way to make ends meet.”

After Anna reappeared by posting photos of herself, along with Marcus, at his 4 year old son’s birthday bash on her social media account.  She had a lot of fans supporting her and showing how much they appreciate her courage, as mentioned in a newspaper referred to as “International Business Times.”

Anna Duggar, Pregnant With 5th Child, Praised For Her Strength!

“Fans of the evangelical Christian family have been hailing [Anna] for being a strong woman and a symbol of love and forgiveness.”

Even though Josh was also seen in a picture for his sons big day, the spotlight was focused mainly on Anna, who is only 27 years old – the fans were quick to notice and posted several comments regarding Anna and how they admire her strength by dealing with the scandals that Josh put her through. She is a survivor and always will be.
“What an example Anna is of God’s love and forgiveness,” as one fan posted. “I can only imagine the road you’ve walked but what Satan meant to destroy, God can use for good.”

Anna is a very strong woman and has endured so much in the last 2 years. We praise her and wish the very best for her, Josh and their entire family!

Written by Renee Barbee

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