‘America’s Got Talent’ Performers Wow Us Once More!

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'America's Got Talent' Performers Wow Us Once More!


America’s Got Talent in 5 Words – Amazing, Fantastic, Unbelievable, and Mind Blowing! Yep, they did it again. It’s the best season I’ve seen yet!

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Just when you think you saw everything AGT’s got to offer a new group of off the charts performers wowed us once more.

This round of auditions were a great mix, but my favorite was the digital morphing number of the elusive Oscar & Gaspar. They were not present, but these geniuses were there by proxy wowing the audience with the visual art they presented onto Heidi Klum’s entire body.

'America's Got Talent' Performers Wow Us Once More!

They sent three guys to show off an amazing digital wonder on Heidi’s outfit, which fit her like a glove. She was the perfect volunteer for this act. She made Avatar’s creatures look less than perfect. Heidi’s white, skin-tight outfit projected, dazzling art work that would put Picasso to shame. Heidi looked like a sultry Mona Lisa and a tigress temptress and so many more things.

That unique performance left me rubbing my eyes in disbelief. I would like to see what else the mysterious Oscar and Gaspar have to offer in their next performance. These talented guys easily got four yeses from all the judges.

I went from digital nirvana to listening to the most amazing voice I’ve heard since the great Whitney Houston. Johnny Manuel’s story and dream to make it into AGT is like most. A lot of faith and a whole lot of perseverance.

At 14 Johnny was moving up and making it in the world of music and entertainment as a rapper, but his dream was cut short and he had to put his dream on hold. He went back home to his parents after he got dropped from his recording label.

'America's Got Talent' Performers Wow Us Once More!

He came back full force to sing his heart out with every ounce of passion with his God given gift. He sang Whitney Houston’s memorable ballad “I Have Nothing”. It’s a pretty difficult song to sing. Especially for a young guy. But he pulled it off like a pro!

That powerful ballad got the audience the judges and me up from our seats! I thought no one could sing that song as well as Whitney did. I was wrong. I would buy that song by Johnny in a hot second. I would have hit the Golden Buzzer for him. Where were the judges on this Golden Buzzer moment?!

The night was filled with a plethora of amazing acts. There was a balance act, a beautiful contortionist competing against her husband’s balance act who beat him hands down. I couldn’t believe she was using only her teeth to do part of her unbelievable act. you’d have to watch that act to believe it.

'America's Got Talent' Performers Wow Us Once More!

The taxi/opera singer, Carlos AntonI sang “Nessun dorma” beautifully and his voice was flawless. He also had me on my feet praising his every note!

I can hardly wait until next Tuesday to watch AGT. As far as I am concerned, it is the best reality show in town.

If you missed this episode of AGT watch the clips. You’ll enjoy every thrilling moment. See you all next Tuesday!

Written by Susie

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