“America’s Got Talent” Does It Again…Mind BLOWN!

Last night was another night of thrills, chills and awesomeness on “America’s Got Talent!” I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing! A dog that can count!!! Mia, the super-dog seemed a bit shy at first, but when put to the test this cute dog passed with flying colors! She can count and read numbers! Seriously! She’s better than some cashiers I’ve encountered! Mia Moore, is a mathematician dog! Who knew a canine could actually do this. Her owner, Edna Moore, calls her pup her “Canine Einstein.” That genius doggy can count up to 50! Simon challenged Mia Moore to count to 16 and that dog barked exactly 16 times. Edna then pulls out a flash card with the number 20 and sure enough, Mia barked twenty times to prove not only that she can count, but she can read too!


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"America's Got Talent" Does It Again...Mind BLOWN!


Sweet 9 year old Angelica Hale wants to be the next “Whitney Houston”. Oh, boy, she’s headed in the right direction! She nearly died of pneumonia and kidney failure when she was a very young child, but God had other plans for this tiny, baby girl! She went on that stage and blew everyone away with that powerhouse voice that surprised everyone. She did a fantastic job! She sang like a champ. I couldn’t believe my ears. I can bet Whitney Houston was smiling down on her. Angelica Hale, was saved from sure death with a kidney transplant! This miracle is a gift to all who will be watching this rising star in the future.
This tiny, fragile girl sang “Rise Up” and she surely has risen! Everyone was astonished that she had the talent to perform like a mini “Whitney Houston”. The audience and I had tears in our eyes. She had tears in her eyes and her parents cried as they watched there baby belting out that song with ease. Tyra commented back stage, “Your tiny, your voice is huge,” Simon said, shocked. “I predict that all of your dreams are going to come true!” Howie piped in. Four yes’s, of course! GO, Angelica!”


"America's Got Talent" Does It Again...Mind BLOWN!


The evening was filled with acrobats, singers and dancers, but what came next were three guys that were able to shock the judges and the viewers with their unbelievable bravery and talent! It was frightening to watch. All three judges had to turn away. I couldn’t contain my composure. I didn’t know whether to scream, shout or laugh. I think I did all three! I’ve never seen anyone pound nails into a wooden board with their bare hand. What was more horrific, was when the guy was hammering the nails into the board with his forehead!! But if that wasn’t enough, he had a random guy from the audience stand on a shovel-like tool that was right on one of the performer’s neck! Now that was incredibly crazy. I can’t wait to see how they are going to up their game. These were the Azeri brothers. Don’t miss them it’s really something to watch. They made it through the next round!


I was impressed by the Sherlock Holmes act, as well.


"America's Got Talent" Does It Again...Mind BLOWN!


But the last act touched me the most. The deaf, young lady, 29 year old Mandy Harvey made me cry when she began to sing a song that she wrote. She lost her hearing due to a connective tissue disorder at 18. But that didn’t stop her from trying to fulfill her goal of becoming a singer/songwriter. She moved the entire audience including the judges. Simon was so impressed with her voice that he immediately pressed the “Golden Buzzer”. I’ve never seen Simon get that emotional before. He wondered why she removed her shoes before she began to sing. She explained that the vibrations she felt from the instruments from her back up guys helped her to keep up with the beat through her bare feet. Amazing! I was so inspired by her will to never give up her on her dream.



Each week “AGT” keeps getting better. I hope you all check in and give it a thumbs up! I know I have.


Written Susie

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