American Idol Returns!

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I’ve been watching “American Idol” since the first season. I got hooked on it immediately. I saw it as the greatest reality TV show I had ever seen. The back stories of the contestants were inspirational and touching. I loved the way it went from emotionally moving to hilarious. However, I didn’t like how some of the – less than talented – potential contestants were laughed at as they sang there hearts out. Simon Cowell was too brutal with his critiques. That was a real turn off. He improved quite a bit before he gave up his judges seat, which was nice.

Some of the other judges were more into their looks and too catty for my taste. Most of the women judges dressed like ladies of the night. That was disgusting. It was starting to look like a – let’s see who can be more naked- competition. But I loved the premise of the show. Too bad the judges ruined it for me. They were too immature and on an ego trip bigger than I could stomach.

When I heard “American Idol” was returning I wasn’t surprised at all. I knew it would not disappear into the fading sunset for eternity. I was sad when it ended. Watching and listening to the singers was what I looked forward to each exciting week.

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I hope this go round they pick anyone, but Kanye West as a judge. They might as well invite Nicki Minaj back.

How about inviting Luis Miguel or Andrea Bocelli!? I’m tired of all the self serving judges they have had on the show. It’s about the singers, people.

“American Idol” is moving to ABC after fifteen years of being on the Fox channel. NBC was in the pool of bidders for that slot, but lost out to ABC. I hope they have a better wish list for the new pool of judges.

I think Ryan Seacrest was the only mature and level headed person on the “AI” show. I am definitely delighted they called him to host the show again. He’s the ultimate professional. He would make a terrific judge, too.

It looks like Ryan and Kelly Ripa won’t be doing “Live” together after all. That must have been a blow to Kelly. But his new gig on “AI” is way up there on the ‘golden ticket’ level. Can Kelly Ripa really blame him?

I can’t wait for “American Idol” to return. I’m going to put my TV on record asap. I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

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