“American Idol”: Lionel Richie Is He a Good Pick”?

"American Idol": Lionel Richie Is He a Good Pick"?

American Idol sources told TMZ they think Lionel Richie is a perfect pick for judging, from his credibility to his legendary music career and he is very outgoing and has the knack to see what or who will be a hit,
As of today we still don’t know if they approached him about being a judge, but seriously will he be paid enough to do this?

"American Idol": Lionel Richie Is He a Good Pick"?

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How much can AI afford to pay him? Don’t forget Katy Perry was telling sources she wanted 25 million and will get it. Ok, so what about Ryan Seacrest? Sources say that he wanted 15 million, but they will give him between 10 and 15 million.

"American Idol": Lionel Richie Is He a Good Pick"?


So again the question is” Who will work for next to nothing”? Why are they paying Perry all that money, she isn’t worth it, give her 1/2 and give Richie the other 1/2. They still have two more judges to find to fill the other spots. What will Lionel Richie say to a lower pay than Perry? Hopefully NO!

No one saw this coming with offering Richie the job, he would be an asset to the show, but they really need to think about who they offer the next seat too. They have a hard job on their hands trying to fill the shoes of the judges from former seasons.

Who will be sitting in those 3 infamous seats to help make another star from the American Idol family? I guess it’s a waiting game now

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