“American Horror Story” Season 7 Tease: The Monsters

“American Horror Story” Season 7 Tease: The Monsters

Mastermind of “American Horror Story”, Ryan Murphy is known to give clues and hints about the upcoming season through his social media. He does not disappoint in regards to the hints he has put out on Instagram so far for Season 7. Recently, Ryan has shared a picture of a woman wearing a mask with a ball gag in her mouth. The woman in the picture eerily resembles Lady Gaga; however, it has been confirmed she will not be in the upcoming season. Ryan did not offer much in regards how the woman in the picture ties into the season, other than saying, “I’m Gagging”.

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Ryan Murphy has shared other tidbits of information on the upcoming season (http://getreallol.com/sarah-paulson-leaving-american-horror-story/). Ryan shared another picture of a monster that resembles an elephant. The only thing said in regards to this picture is, “American Horror Story Season 7 tease”. Does this photo tie into the seasons premise about the election? Is it supposed to represent the Republican elephant?

He has shared a picture of an ambidextrous monster, captioned “AHS Season 7 clue: ambidexterity”. There was another picture shared of what seems to be a close up of this monster, saying “American Horror Story Holes”.

Ryan Murphy also posted a picture of “Twisty the Clown Chronicles” comic book. Ryan simply said, “He’s baaaaaack”. Could this mean Twisty the Clown is coming back for Season 7? Fans were first introduced to Twisty in Season 4 “AHS: Freak Show”. If Twisty is back, how do you think he will tie into the season?

“American Horror Story” Season 7 Tease: The Monsters“American Horror Story” Season 7 Tease: The Monsters

One last picture Ryan Murphy recently posted is of a window with a church in its reflection. On the window is printed “Waydowntown” in the iconic AHS font. Is this the setting for the new season?

“American Horror Story” Season 7 Tease: The Monsters“American Horror Story” Season 7 Tease: The Monsters

As the weeks pass by and Ryan Murphy shares more hints about Season 7 AHS, are you looking forward to the coming season? Which of the past seasons was your favorite? Season 7 of “American Horror Story” will premiere this fall on FX.

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