Alison Sweeney Returns To ‘Days Of Our Lives’!

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BREAKING NEWS!! Sami, aka “Samantha” Brady is finally ready to make her return debut back to her town of Salem!


Long time “Days Of Our Lives” Vet, “Allison Sweeney” will soon be back and reprising her character, which she, herself made famous, on the very popular soap, “Days” which can only be seen on the “NBC” network. This time, however, Ms. Sweeny is planning to stay a bit longer – perhaps even a few months.

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The very popular and highly talented “Alison Sweeney” who portrayed “Sami Brady” on the long running soap, “Days Of Our Lives” will begin taping scenes on the set of Days next month, according to Sweeney, who injured herself a few months ago and needed to clear her schedule to allow herself enough time to recuperate so she could return to her “roots” of 31 years, where she portrayed one of Salem’s most outstanding “villain’s” of all time.


“Sami Brady” was last seen on “Days” back in the fall of 2015 when she returned back home to “Salem” to mourn the death of her oldest son, “Will Horton” – who was killed by “Batty Ben” however, her stay was very brief and after taking care of some family business and somehow managing to steal millions of dollars from the Dimera empire, per E.J.’s wishes, after his death – and then giving a huge amount to her half-sister, Carrie for safe keeping – Sami, once again left town.

Alison Sweeney Returns To ‘Days Of Our Lives’!

“Allison Sweeny” received an Emmy nomination, for her performance in the category of “Outstanding Lead Actress” in the highly popular soap series, which is always full of drama – and Ms. Sweeny also won a very special and exciting “Fan Emmy Award” for her portrayal back in 2002 as “America’s Fave Villainous” not only that, she also appeared in nearly 1,800 total episodes in one of the longest ever running soaps – she began her role as “Sami Brady” back in 1993 and left the show sometime in 2014.


“From my end, it takes a little bit of logistics with projects I’m working on,” Sweeney stated to the magazine, Soap Opera Digest. “And unfortunately, this year’s been hard for me because of my knee injury, so I had to push some stuff back. So, I figured out a schedule, blocked out some time that I had available, and we figured it out!”
Since that time, Ms. Sweeny has made several recent appearances in the television series, “Murder, She Baked” which can be seen on the “Hallmark” channel – this also became a movie series for TV – she was a host of the weekly show “The Biggest Loser” for 8 long years. With her beautiful smile, “Ali” has also been a spokesperson and was seen in several commercials for the famous toothbrush maker, “Oral B” which sold millions of electric brushes.


Alison Sweeney Returns To ‘Days Of Our Lives’!
Sweeney, who is now 40 years old, spoke with “Soap Opera Digest” in one very exclusive interview regarding her highly anticipated return to “Days” in which, her character, “Sami Brady” whom she played the role of for most of her young adult life, and which lasted 21 total years, was loved by all her fans and, although “Allison” has kept quite busy since leaving the soap, she is very excited and looking forward to working with her old castmates once again.


Although “Alison” aka “Sami Brady” will begin shooting her scenes in either May or June, fans will have to wait until the fall of this year to see their favorite female soap character on the beloved 51-year-old soap, “Days Of Our Lives” and the fans can hardly wait until that day arrives!


Woohoo! We can hardly wait until the infamous “Sami Brady” is back on one of the longest running soaps ever, “Days Of Our Lives”


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