“AGT”: Landau Eugene Murphy Jr Bashes Baby Mama With What?!

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"AGT": Landau Eugene Murphy Jr Bashes Baby Mama With What?!

First of all, I thought this guy was happily married when he was a poor guy working at a car wash. I guess he didn’t need her after he won his million on ‘AGT’. That’s pretty sad, Landau.

I loved this guy and his velvety, smooth voice. He looked like a nice guy. He was respectful and humble. ¿Qué pasó, buddy?

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Sometimes money plays some pretty twisted games with your mind and character. I was so sorry and disappointed to hear that he was arrested this last week for striking his girlfriend with a golf club. He posted bond for $3,500 and was released later that Monday evening.

He explains that there are two sides to this story. But regardless of the circumstances a real man should never lay his hands on any woman, unless his life is being threatened.


According to Landau he arrived at his residence to find that his girlfriend had trashed his home with a golf club. He stated that she also had a knife. She was apparently upset, because Landau told her he was leaving her and taking custody of their 6 month old. Scary mama baby, right there. Honey, you should have never left your wife.

That’s when the fight went into rage mode. They took it to the street and Landau began slapping her and pounding her head on the sidewalk. For self-defense that sure sounds like he was trying to do more than save himself from her!!

He should have asked her to leave. He might have had a good reason for being upset, but violence won’t help, period.

He stated that his girlfriend had people at their home and he was angry, because they had turned it upside down. An argument ensued and it escalated quickly. He took a golf club and struck his girlfriend with it. That was just plain ignorant on his part. He just ruined what little career he had going for him. He claimed he didn’t strike her. Can he explain why she ended up being treated in the hospital for her injuries?

No one likes a messy house, but now he’s going to have to deal with a messy police record and a stain on his character.

"AGT": Landau Eugene Murphy Jr Bashes Baby Mama With What?!

He said in his statement.
“In defending myself, she obtained some bruises and swelling on her face,” “I did not strike her.” According to the complaint, Murphy and the woman have a six month old child, who was in the house at the time this all took place.

“I was raised to respect women, and if not provoked and feeling I was in danger, I would never have defended myself in this manner,” he said in the statement. “I am very sorry for the way this domestic incident was handled. I apologize to my fans everywhere and to the people of Logan County and West Virginia for this incident. It should never have happened.”

No matter who’s to blame for the altercation Landau E. Murphy Jr. took it too far. If you can’t control your temper you need help today.

I am very saddened by this news. For his sake and his families he needs to take this very seriously. We are all flawed in this life. However, recognizing that you need to change your bad behavior is a step in the right direction. These bursts of rage and violence will affect everyone in his life. It will scar them both physically and emotionally.

Landau tried to justify his actions, but there is no excuse for striking a woman. He lost my respect. I was a fan, but not anymore.

His time in the sun just faded. But I will never forget how he blew us away during his audition on ‘AGT’ 6th season. He was so sweet and shy. What happened to that young, humble guy?

It seems that karma came back to get a piece of Landau. He should have stuck with his wife. We reap what we sow and it isn’t pretty sometimes.

Written by Susie P

“Health is wealth” Susie




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