Adam Lind Accused of Doing Drugs: Is He seeing His Daughters and Did He Quit Teen Mom?!?!

Adam Lind Accused of Doing Drugs: Is He seeing His Daughters and Did He Quit Teen Mom?!?!

MTV Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind has a lengthy history of problems related to alcohol abuse and more recently, there have also been drug allegations made against him. Viewers of Teen Mom 2 are very familiar with Adam’s less than stellar parenting, or at least his lack of involvement in his daughters’ lives. In fact, many viewers will say that he is their least favorite dad out of the entire Teen Mom franchise.

This week’s premiere episode of Teen Mom 2 revealed that Lind, “is not doing good” during a conversation between Adam’s ex Chelsea Houska and her friend. Chelsea, mother of Adam’s oldest daughter Aubree, stated that although Aubree continues to see Adam’s parents every other weekend, she does not know if or how often Aubree’s father is actually around to spend time with her. Of course this episode was filmed over the winter but if the future mimics the past, not much has changed. Recently however, it appears that Adam spent some time with his younger daughter, Paislee Mae and his two dogs. (Meanwhile, Aubree was in Florida with mom Chelsea and step-dad Cole DeBoer.) Paislee was shown sitting in a small swimming pool with her father’s bulldogs in a photo shared on Facebook. Just weeks ago, news on the internet claimed that former girlfriend and Paislee’s mother Taylor Halbur, was concerned about her child’s well-being because of Adam’s rumored drug use.

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Adam Lind Accused of Doing Drugs: Is He seeing His Daughters and Did He Quit Teen Mom?!?!

Earlier this year, Taylor allegedly filed court documents suggesting that Adam was using meth and cocaine. Radar online shared these court documents a few weeks ago. Taylor and Adam had previously agreed to a custody arrangement which seemed to work well for them and without too much court involvement. Now, as Taylor explained in the court papers, she wants the agreement thrown out and for Lind to have supervised visitation because she believes that he is unstable. According to Taylor, one of Lind’s ex-girlfriends told her that he was allegedly in possession of cocaine at least once during their relationship. It is unknown whether or not a custody battle will ensue and if so, what the outcome will be but we do know now that Adam spent time with Paislee recently. As for Aubree, it’s difficult to say when he last spent time with her but earlier this month, he did share a picture on Facebook of the two sitting together. Viewers already know how little communication there is between Adam and Chelsea and it’s sad that even Chelsea seems to be clueless about if and when Adam sees their daughter when she visits his parents.

Adam Lind Accused of Doing Drugs: Is He seeing His Daughters and Did He Quit Teen Mom?!?!

While Adam’s co-stars, including Chelsea Houska, have returned to MTV for the eighth season of Teen Mom 2, there have been rumors for several months suggesting that Lind had quit the show after Season 7 and will not be on Season 8 at all. It seems like Adam has been threatening to leave the show forever but given that he did not appear at all on Monday’s premiere episode, he may not be crying wolf anymore. Viewers will just have to wait and see as the season goes on!

Do you think Adam quit Teen Mom 2? Would you be happy if he did?

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