Abby Lee Miller to Serve Prison Sentence in California…Has Hopes of Returning to TV!

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Abby Lee Miller to Serve Prison Sentence in California...Has Hopes of Returning to TV!

After her hearing,and sentencing for fraud charges in Pittsburgh, PA. The court granted permission for Abby Lee Miller to serve her sentence near her new home in California. Even before the finish of her prison sentence, former Dance Moms Coach plans to return to Tv.

ET has confirmed that Miller will surrender herself to the FCI Victorville facility in Victorville, California. Instead of a prison in Pennsylvania where she was found guilty on charges of Bankruptcy Fraud. She is set to report on Wednesday, the prison is near her home in San Bernardino.

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In June of last yr, Miller plead guilty on two charges of fraud. Abby will serve a one year and one day sentence, and two yrs probation. She is also ordered to pay $40,000 in restitution.

Even before serving her sentence, ET has confirmed that Miller has future plans of returning to Television. In hopes of doing another dance show. She was reported to have interviewed with Lifetime, and did a special on her charges and which was said to be “very emotional” and “riveting”, according to the Lifetime News Journalist.

Abby Lee Miller to Serve Prison Sentence in California...Has Hopes of Returning to TV!

According to ET, Abby plans to pitch a new show centered around dancing. She is unsure about how life is going to be in prison, positive,and optimistic, she’s planning on staying busy and productive working on her new show from jail.

Miller was set to start her sentence on June 30th, but she was granted a reprieve due to health issues. A report by Deadline and her IG post, Abby hinted at a knee injury. However, there was no official as report of why she was delayed in reporting to jail. She posted a picture of an X-ray of her knee and injury to her cartilage, which could push her sentence back if the Dance Moms star were to have surgery.

Critics are very suspicious as to her delaying her surrender date, after posting on IG pictures of her injury, she also made another IG post of her at a friends birthday party looking well, and enjoying herself partying.

Miller’s series Dance Moms is in it’s 8th Season run, and set to premiere on August 1st.

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