2017 Celebrity Big Brother Week 1 Recap

2017 Celebrity Big Brother Week 1 Recap

2017 Celebrity Big Brother Week 1 Recap

Big Brother fans around the country! Welcome to another series of Celebrity Big Brother. This season, the Big Brother house has a pop of color and so do the celebrities. In this Celebrity Big Brother house, there are seven all-star celebrities going up against seven new-star celebrities. Which celebrities will win the grand prize? Only time will tell.

Day one was launch night. Heidi & Spencer, James J, Jasmine, Ray J, Bianca, Austin, Coleen, James C, Stacy, Brandon, Nicola, Jamie, Calum and Angie moved into the house. In the first twist of the new series, Big Brother instructed the all-star celebrities to become the producers. Their task is to pick one housemate from the news stars to be edited out. The edited out housemate will be excluded from major key events inside the house and will get their personal items removed from their position. After seeing the new stars enter the house, the consensus was that Stacy should be edited out.

On the second day inside the house, things were starting to heat up between Jasmine and Calum. Austin was starting to get emotional when he started to miss his family back home. In another twist of the game, Big Brother called the producers to pick one more houseguest to be edited out. They decided that Brandon would be the second housemate to be edited out.

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In an impersonation task on day three, the remaining new-stars auditioned in front of the producers. The new stars auditioned not to be edited out. After the audition process, the producers selected Ray J and Bianca. That left Angie and Jamie the only two new stars not edited out. That night, Heidi and Spencer allegedly hid bottles of water to the housemates. This made Austin so upset that he had to go to the Diary Room to calm his temper.

On the fourth day of the game, Big Brother gave the house more information about what it means to be edited out. Not only were the edited housemate’s personal items removed from the house and that they were excluded from key events inside the house, but the edited housemates won’t be able to nominate this week. However, they could still be nominated for possible eviction. Since Angie and Jamie were the only two housemates not to be edited out, they alternated picks on which edited out housemates should be saved from the public vote. Angie and Jamie picked Bianca, Brandon, Ray J, and Stacy. Unfortunately, this left James C. the only new celebrity to face the public vote. Also, as a result, Big Brother let the houseguests enjoy a party with special guest performers. The performers were actually their new houseguests. The new houseguests were “Jedward.” (Edward and John). When entering the house, Edward left the house to go to the hospital after falling off stage.

To close out the week, day five gave the houseguests a secret mission. The mission was that all housemates except Bianca were told that a series of unusual events would occur throughout the day – all the housemates had to do was ensure that Bianca was oblivious to all the goings-on. If they succeed, they will get a special reward for the entire house.

And that is what is happening inside the Celebrity Big Brother house this week. Stay tuned for more Celebrity Big Brother news.

Written by Christopher Mabry

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