2016 NFL Season: Super Bowl LI Recap

2016 NFL Season: Super Bowl LI Recap

2016 NFL Season: Super Bowl LI Recap

Last night, 2016, regular season came to an epic end. Both the New England Patriots out everything on the line and gave everyone a show to remember. If you missed the game last night, here is a quick recap of what went down in the Lone Star state.

In the first half of the 2016 Super Bowl, it looked like the Falcons were going to win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. They scored 28 points, a pick-six, and they sacked Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady three times.

Then, Lady Gaga came out and performed what could go down as one of the best Super Bowl Halftime Shows of all-time. She kicked off the show by performing on the roof of NRG Stadium. Then jumped down on stage to finish the show.

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Finally, the second half. With a 28-3 lead over the Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons let their guard down and allowed the game to go into overtime tied at 28 a piece. Normally, people bypass overtime. But, in the Super Bowl, history was made. the 2016 Super Bowl was the first Super Bowl to feature over time. In the coin toss. The patriots won and wanted to receive the kickoff. They started on the 25-yard line and went down and scored a touchdown ending the game. By a final score of 34-28, the New England Patriots are Super Bowl champions.

In the Tom Brady era, this was the fifth Super Bowl win in Franchise history out of seven appearances. Congratulations to the Patriots on a remarkable season and an epic Super Bowl.

Written by Christopher Mabry

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