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News Alert #BB17 Austin is a cheater?


LOL QUICKIE He Said She Said! I have been sticking up for Austin for weeks.  When he said that he and his girlfriend were trying to see where they would end up when they got done, I believed him.  Why wouldn’t I?  He said it as Austin, not as Judas.  He made himself seem like […]

BB17 Live Feeds on Sale Now

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Are you ready for Big Brother 17! The two-night season premiere is on Wednesday, June 24th and Thursday, June 25th at 8 p.m. est. Click our ad below to go to CBS.com and sign up for CBS ALL Access which gives you the live feeds & more, and you will be registered to win HOH robe. This […]

Dance Moms: Positivity!

kenzie rndd

Dance Moms: Positivity! By: AKALETIC With all of the negativity in the media these days about the stars of Dance Moms, I decided to take a mini break from introducing the girls to focus on the good things that are going on in their lives. Too many times we can be caught up in the […]

Quad vs Lisa Married to Medicine.

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Quad vs Lisa Yes folks another fight on Married to Medicine. This time it’s Quad and Lisa Nicole. For those of you who watch the show the fight was epic, dramatic, some what violent, and not lady like. Both parties came in to the restaurant with good intensions but as we all know in reality […]

Jason is Gone From Big Brother House


Back to Moms Basement? Jason is gone from Big Brother house.   The house will not be the same with out Jason. Jason has become one of my favorite houseguests this season. Between Johnny Mac and Jason I am not sure which one would be my top choice. I like them both very much. Folks […]

Brandi Tells Tamra To STFU…!


Brandi Tells Tamra To STFU…! Tamra advised Brandi to just “own it” that she got fired and tell the truth, because ain’t nobody believing lies this steep. Tamra is calling out Brandi and says her offer from Bravo to stay as a full time housewife for $500,000.00 is “ bullsh@t!” “We have the same production […]

Marriage BootCamp “Grave Injustice”


“Grave Injustice” The Boot Campers are to address “Obstacles” today by identifying past issues that made a significant impact on their lives. Each person breaks down as they reveal the most painful, intimate moments in their lives. Jim explains that unless they let go of these emotions they will never heal. Hank is the only […]

BBAD Friday July 31,2015


BBAD Friday July 31,2015 As we all know, Janes is the new HOH. The HN’s for the week are Austin and the twins. Tonight starts off with Liz, Julia, Austin, James and Van talking in the bathroom. Steve , Clay and Shelli are in the kitchen chatting. Shelli doesn’t look happy. Clay and Shelli are […]

Say What??? KUWTK


Picture by gumbumper.com The Kardashian ladies are still calling Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce”. I am not sure how I feel about this. I understand that this is a very difficult and raw time for the family but isn’t this part of the transition. I can’t imagine how difficult this is for Caitlyn as well. “Bruce” has […]

Bravo-Lisa Vanderpump is MAD

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LOL QUICKIE Lisa Vanderpump is MAD Lisa Vanderpump states that the killing of Cecil the lion “was sadistic” and folks, we all agree. As we all know Lisa loves all animals. A couple of Lisa’s animals do appear on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. Her beloved dog “Jiggy” appears on the shows […]

Big Brother 17-Air Show Recap 7-30-15

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LOL RECAP BIG Brother 17 Episode 17 Original Airdate: Thursday, July 30, 2015, CBS Days 36-43 Tonight is day 43 inside the Big Brother house. On the block, this week is Jason and Becky. One will go home tonight. The question is who? Also tonight, The twin twist will be complete. Both Julia and Liz […]

Get Real! Help BB17 James W/ Tara Hal...


Tara Hall began in Georgetown, SC in 1969. It provides a home for neglected and troubled boys who are often 1 to 3 years behind in their education. Since been home to more than 600 boys from Georgetown and many surrounding communities. Jim Dumm is the Executive Director has devoted himself to consistently delivering the original […]

Big Brother 17-After Dark Recap 7-30-...


LOL QUICKIE BBAD Recap Thursday, July 30, 2015 Tonight starts off with clay and shell in the HNR talking. Shelli says she didn’t want to win HOH for a third time. She didn’t want more blood on her hands. Clay tells her,” you can only do so much”. Shelli is worried about Liz and really […]

VH1-Basketball Wives Star Tami Roman

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LOL QUICKIE Star Tami Roman Miscarries Baby! Miscarries Baby!, 45-year-old Tami Roman miscarries her baby with boyfriend Reggie Youngblood. In an exclusive statement to E, Tami explained that she was diabetic, had high-blood pressure, constant battles with hypoglycemia and a prolapsed uterus. Although the odds seemed to be against her for conception she was thrilled […]

BBAD Recap July 29, 2015


BBAD Recap July 29, 2015 Tonight starts out with Becky, Shelli, Clay and Van in HOH room. They are throwing out different scenarios if Becky won HOH. They are also talking about DE and who would be best to go up and when and if they were to backdoor someone. They are throwing out all […]

Little People, Big World


“It’s Not Easy Letting Go” Zach and Tori discuss the layout of their wedding venue while Matt and Jeremy take on a father and son project Amy says she is home alone in her great, big, beautiful home. Her and Matt are no longer living as husband and wife…they are separated. Amy thinks of “What […]

Big Brother Star Under Trance

Gina Marie

Big Brother Star Under Trance Back in 2013, Big Brother premiered with 16 houseguests competed for the half a million-dollar prize. Out of those 16, one stood out from the rest because of her accent and personality. The houseguest I’m talking about is GinaMarie Zimmerman. When GinaMarie appeared on Big Brother back in 2013, she […]

Little Women LA Safari


“L. A. Safari” Briana, Elena, Christy and Tonya meet new girl Jasmine. Tonya does not like her as it is evident when she decides not to shake her hand to say hello. They have met before and Jasmine is accused of being shady by Tonya. Brittany and Terra are the last to arrive to head […]

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