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Former Deadliest Catch Captain Passes...


  Former Deadliest Catch Captain Passes Away Today While in his sleep, 56 year old Captain Tony Lara passed away today during the biggest motorcycle rallies of the year in Sturgis, South Dakota. He helped get the Cornelia Marie back on the water, fishing and making money. Josh asked Tony to come on board as […]

BB17 Live Feeds on Sale Now

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Are you ready for Big Brother 17! The two-night season premiere is on Wednesday, June 24th and Thursday, June 25th at 8 p.m. est. Click our ad below to go to CBS.com and sign up for CBS ALL Access which gives you the live feeds & more, and you will be registered to win HOH robe. This […]

Kim Richards Missing From Rehab!


Kim Richards Missing From Rehab! After being held on a psychiatric hold for 72-hours and then being admitted to a treatment center or face financial cut-off completely. Richards left and has not been seen since. It is more than apparent that she is not ready to get clean and sober. We can only hope she […]

Little Women LA: Terra’s Little...


“With Or Without You” Two days until their wedding Terra wakes up and is missing Joe who is in San Diego playing with his band. The girls begin to arrive at Terra’s hotel room to continue preparing for the wedding. Terra is sad when she talks with her brother Bourn about missing their father as […]

Little Women LA: Terra’s Little...


“Change Of Plans” Hooray! Joe makes it in time to get on the boat and celebrate his rehearsal dinner with Terra and their loved ones. Terra is thrilled to see her mother show up as she was worried she wouldn’t be able to make it. Ever the worrier, Terra’s new focus is the weather for […]

Little Women “Love and War”


“Love and War” Brittany shares with her friend Jordan some of her personal life as they continue to get closer to one another. Tonya and Terra meet just for some girl talk as being a mother takes up such a huge part of Terra’s life. Brianna and Matt decide to move in together. Christy meets […]

Donny Loves Jenny “Blending Families”


“Blending Families” Jenny takes Donnie’s son Elijah to the Swedish Days Festival along with her son, Evan. Blending the two step-children together has been a bit of a challenge at first and still continues to demand patience. Donnie and his band mates stop at the high school where they first began their career as New […]

Wahlburgers “New Kids On The Boardwal...


“New Kids On The Boardwalk” Paul, Donnie and Mark all speak to one another and plan on being together for the Grand Opening of another Wahlburgers at Coney Island. They talk Paul into going on one of the unbelievably scary rides and Donnie films it on his phone so he can laugh at Paul’s scared […]

Justin Bieber Look-a-Like Found!


Justin Bieber Look-a-Like Toby Sheldon Found Dead! Our hearts are saddened as we learn today that Toby Sheldon who has been missing since August 18th has been found dead in a San Fernando Valley Motel 6. Police told TMZ drugs were found with him however the cause of death is still unknown. Toby is famous […]

#BBAD recap for Tuesday August 25th, ...

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BBAD recap for Tuesday August 25th, 2015 Tonight starts out with Van and Austin in the bathroom.  She is talking game and talking smack about JMac.  Austin is trying to straighten that hair of his.  Jmac had told Van that he would be willing to throw the hoh. They run scenarios back and forth to […]

CBS – Survivor’s Twisting...

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LOL QUICKIE CBS – Survivor’s twisting thing’s up! For the past 30 seasons and 1,173 days, we have seen 460 people try to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other to make it to the million dollar prize. Also in six of the 30 seasons, we have seen former players come back to play again. However, […]

Total Divas “It’s A Beautiful L...


“It’s A Beautiful Life” Nattie’s contract is coming up with the WWE and she is worried she may be being phased out because of her age as she sits and shares with Nikki. Brie wows the crowd with her performance in New Orleans. Brie is headed to the recording studio to sing her entrance song […]

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna New MTV Sho...

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New MTV show coming soon?! Sources are confirming Amber Rose, and Blac Chyna are in the making of a new MTV reality show focusing on the two single, working hard mothers that have high profile rappers as their children’s fathers. Sources say the show will not be trashy, but focus on their everyday life working hard […]

Below Deck “More Foam, Bosun!”


“More Foam, Bosun!” Welcome to another season of luxury yachting. With some familiar faces and definitely a lot of new ones. The crew sets up for their first charter of the year. Captain Lee addresses the staff and explains what he expects of them. Three rules, work hard, don’t embarrass yourself and don’t embarrass the […]

Is Caitlyn Jenner in the clear?

image 5

Caitlyn Jenner who was involved in a vehicular crash earlier this year, killing a woman; might be let off easier then you antisipated. The major crimes unit of L.A has taken the 161 page report from the county’s D.A office and ruling it as a tragic accident, but not criminal. The crime units confirmed Jenner […]

My Fab 40th “Forty, Fierce and ...


Forty, Fierce and Fabulous” Friends for over twenty years, former sorority sisters Francine and Julie are in the midst of planning a “dream” party to celebrate both of their 40th birthdays. The fee for the party planner is $25,000 and that only includes her services. Nothing else! Their party will be in the unbelievably beautiful […]

WAGS “Set A Date Or Die”


“Set A Date Or Die” Barbie shares her feelings with her boyfriend how some of the WAGS are mean to her. Nicole and Larry’s relationship is definitely not going well and everyone notices. Barbie feels disrespected and rightfully so by Natalie and Olivia’s inappropriate behavior at a hockey game she invited them to. They get […]

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume

image 2

Is Spirit Halloween retailer going too far?  A famous Halloween retailer store launches a costume based on Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover.  Is this store nuts or what?  Who in the right mind would be ok with this?  Many fans and members of transgender community are mad, outraged, and want the costume to be removed […]

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