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Bravo says LATER to Brandi Glanville


LOL QUICKIE The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills says Hmmmm Byeee to Brandi Glanville! Confirmed Brandi Glanville will not return to RHOBH for the next season! sources confirmed that Brandi is being let go as a main housewife for season 6! Bravo decided that it’s time for Brandi to leave due to her many fights […]

BB17 Live Feeds on Sale Now

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Are you ready for Big Brother 17! The two-night season premiere is on Wednesday, June 24th and Thursday, June 25th at 8 p.m. est. Click our ad below to go to CBS.com and sign up for CBS ALL Access which gives you the live feeds & more, and you will be registered to win HOH robe. This […]

Real Housewives of Orange County


Real Housewives of Orange County Episode 4 Recap Charity Case! The wine tour at Napa Valley continues between Shannon and Meghan over all things…a charity! Because she abruptly ended a call and didn’t return a text, Shannon tells Meghan “You cannot think I am not a charitable person. Miss 30 year old!” Shannon barks back […]

Bye Bye Nene!!!


Nene Leaks is NOT returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her rep confirmed the news in a statement today. Nene has been on the show since season one. I can’t see RHOA with out Nene. I am really sad for the franchise. Andy Cohen do something. The show will not be the same. Who […]

NeNe Leakes Says Goodbye!


NeNe Leakes Says Goodbye! Say it isn’t so! After 7 amazing seasons on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, matriarch NeNe Leakes has decided her time has come to leave the show. Leakes, 47 said to People Magazine today, “There comes a time when enough is enough.” She went on to say that her and husband […]

Survivor: Palau


Dark Horse On Survivor   Survivor: Palau: The Domination of a Lifetime To put it mildly, Palau wasn’t exactly the most fun or entertaining season for most of us. It was a season where one tribe actually did what no other before or since has been able to: wipe the other tribe out entirely. It […]

My Big Brother 17 Journal #BB17


LOL BB FAN JOURNAL 98 Days of Crazy June 26 There is a face that my dog makes right after she farts. If you have ever witnessed a dogs face post fart you will know the exact look I am talking about. It’s a combination of several expressions; shock,fear,embarrassment, and surprise. I have had that […]

Marriage Boot Camp Recap Epi 5


Marriage Boot Camp Recap Episode 5 Day 4 communication Aubrey and Travis are cleaning out horse stables as consequence for talking about an issue that Elizabeth asked them not to talk about.  They are literally shoveling shit around and that was the intention of the punishment they think. Hank and Kendra say they have special […]

Kardashians Done


Kardashians Done !!!   I bet some of you would like that. As Kim Kardashian states after her fiasco with Kris Humphries was over, she thought Kardashians were OVER as well. Many of her followers and fans were disappointed and turn against Kim and her family after she filled for divorce. I was one of […]

Bachelorette Scandal


Bachelorette Scandal Why is everyone so worked up over Kaitlyn Bristowe having sex on Bachelorette?  What is the big deal?  They are two adults who went on a date, had a great time, and end up having sex after their date.  I am sure she is not the first nor the last Bachelorette to have […]

Dance Moms Golden Child: Maddie


Dance Moms: Madison “Maddie” Ziegler: The Golden Child of the ALDC Anyone who has ever watched one episode of Dance Moms recognizes the name Maddie Ziegler. Anyone who is a fan of the pop singer, Sia, recognizes the name Maddie Ziegler. She’s the dancer that everyone loves to hate. She’s controversial. She’s talented. She is […]

My Big Brother 17 Journal #BB17


LOL BB FAN JOURNAL 98 Days of Crazy June 23 Just realized that getting ready for BB to start is like getting ready to go on vacation. I am in super prep mode. I have to make sure all the housework is caught up, that way I can immerse myself in all things BB and […]

Interview W/ BB17 James’s Roomm...


Pictured above* Micah Wilson, Jason Hester, and James Huling. Get Real LOL got Jason’s reaction to BB17’s first HOH. Q. Who did you watch the premier with? A. Our other roommate Wilson, and our friends that were in the video, but they cut us out Q. How did his daughter react to seeing her daddy […]

Big Brother 17 Premiere Night Part 1

Big Brother 17 Premiere Night Part 1

LOL RECAP BB 17 Premiere night part 1 After much anticipation, at least in my mind, Big Brother is finally back and Julie Chen is looking better than ever. For those of you following the show exclusively through CBS, I will be giving a recap after each episode, followed by some analysis for your enjoyment. […]

Real Housewives of OC-Whine Country


Whine Country Episode 3 Recap! Heather, Tamra and Meghan have drinks at the FABULOUS Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, California. I used to work there and let me tell you, this establishment is 5-star with everything they do. Heather is planning another spectacular party in Napa Valley to introduce her new line of […]

Real Housesives of NY-Epi 12 Recap


Lord of the Manor Episode 12 Recap Singer with the Stinger strikes again as she is “mean” to Kristen at Luann’s new dress launch. It really is funny how Sonja and Ramona have a language and comprehension level all their own. Kristen wants to know what is wrong with Bethenny and she tries to explain […]

Sneak Peek of Big Brother HOH Competi...

photo 3

LOL QUICKIE Julie Chen and three hunky CBS daytime stars tried out one of the games for tonight’s season premiere of Big Brother on today’s The Talk. Helping Julie test out what to throw at the competitors for the first the Head of Household competition were Lawrence Saint-Victor and Darin Brooks from The Bold and […]

Caitlyn Jenner First Father’s D...


Happy Father’s Day! Caitlyn Jenner celebrated her first Fathers Day as a transgender woman. ” Lots of love and support from the family on this great day” she wrote. The happy family shared a photo on social media and they all looked happy. No matter how you look on the outside it matters how you […]

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