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Get Real LOL - The New World of Reality TV

A Typical Day in the Life of a Utopian


Who works the most? Read More


Utopians Receive a letter from Production.

So, we have all been waiting for daaaaaaaaaaaays, for the big surprise.  Today it was Read More


DWTS Week 6

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Our stars are back with their regular pro partners and Pitbull is in the house! ? And here’s a piece of Read More..

Gotti-Gate RHONJ


Apparently, Geiko has been watching RHONJ…. because WHEN have the ladies of RHONJ ever made a Read More

Dark Horse On Survivor


Why the Three Tribe System Is Never a Bad Thing
If we were to have a poll on which post-Heroes Vs. Villains season turns out to be Read More

The Bachelor


While we are all awaiting the season premiere of “The Bachelor” featuring our favorite Prince Farming Chris Soules, a few things have come to light about this upcoming season. Read More

Utopian Hate Mail


Well, it looks like the Utopians are starting to get some feedback from
the outside world. Production evidently wasn’t Read More…

Week 4: The Amazing Race

Week 4: The Amazing Race – Domination Obliteration

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To quote Phil, eight teams remain, who will be eliminated next? As teams wake from Read More





If you’re not winning challenges, getting rid of your strongest
 Read More


Manzo’s with Children


Lets start from the beginning – I feel the boys and I have heard stories that they really do not Read More


Welcome to the Official Get Real LOL website. We are your number one source for everything Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Survivor and The Amazing Race. We have a 24/7 interactive Facebook page, Multi-Room Chat, Fan-Friendly Forum with non-stop live feed updates, and our own podcast! Oh, and so much more yet to come… you have no idea!! All things reality TV, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Real Housewives, Hell’s Kitchen, American Idol, Dance Moms, Dancing with the Stars, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, we cover it all.

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