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BB17 Houseguest Gets Engaged

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GRLOL QUICKIE “BB17 Houseguest gets engaged” In the game of Big Brother, they always tell the houseguests to “expect the unexpected.” That is also true for events outside the game. After the finale of Big Brother 17, the contestants went to a wrap party hosted by Big Brother 12 and 13 Rachel Riley. The party […]

“Caitlyn Transitioning Back To Bruce!”


“Caitlyn Transitioning Back To Bruce!” According to Caitlyn herself, “These few weeks as Caitlyn has been a great experience for me but being a woman is hard. I’m 65 and I just don’t feel like having to learn a new way of life. I feel like Caitlyn was just a phase and I am glad […]

Witney Carson From DWTS Is Engaged!


“Witney Carson From Dancing With The Stars Is Engaged!” Guess who got engaged? Whitney Carson from ‘Dancing With The Stars’ did to Carson Mcallister that’s who! Witney, 23 and Carson, 21 announced the beautiful news on social media today, Saturday, thru Instagram. “My high school sweetheart popped the question last night in the most perfect, […]

Alaska The Last Frontier Welcomes Baby Girl


“Eve and Eivin Kilcher From Alaska The Last Frontier Welcome Baby Girl” Her name is Sparrow Rose Kilcher and she is beautiful. Alaska:  The Last Frontier couple has given birth to their second child on Monday, Sept. 28th according to PEOPLE. They spoke about preparing for her birth and Eve said when asked how she […]

Bering Sea Gold “The Blizzard”


“The Blizzard” Zeke needs some male companionship so he picks up his brother Gabe to help dive. The girls are getting to him. $100,00 in the hole and only ten days left to mine, Vernon needs to find some gold. The Pomrenke crew is still looking for the perfect spot as Mr. Gold is a […]

Caitlyn Jenner cleared on Car crash Charges


Caitlyn Jenner cleared on February car crash charges After reviewing her involvement in a car crash that took the life of 69 year old Kim Howe, the Los Angeles County District Attorney has found Caitlyn’s behavior leading up to the crash was not unreasonable. They found no cause to bring charges against the former Olympian. […]

Kendra On Top “The Sexorcist”


“The Sexorcist” Kendra calls a sex therapist while Hank listens so they can “communicate better” because “the sex is great” however there is a lack of intimacy in their marriage. Kendra shares with her friend that she just wants to have sex and not be intimate. The therapist arrives at their home and it’s a […]

Oregon Shooting Hits DTWTS Contestant

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ABC – DWTS “Oregon Shooting hits DTWTS Contestant” On Thursday, terror hit the United States. At a community college in Oregon was gunned down early morning. The shooting was started when the gunman asked a student about their religion. Then gun fire spread throughout the campus. A total of 17 students were affected; 10 of […]

Dual Survival Recap “Nautical Nightmare”

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Discovery Channel – Dual Survival Recap “Nautical Nightmare”   To kickoff the 6th season of Dual Survival, Matt and Joe were ship wrecked in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Knowing that there are sharks surrounding them, they knew they had to get to land as soon as possible. As they were paddling they noticed […]

Jill Zarin NYC Housewives Unconscious


“Jill Zarin NYC Housewives Unconscious Not Wearing Seat belt In Crash Today!” Not wearing a seatbelt? Jill Zarin, 51 was left unconscious today after her driver slammed into a three-car pile up at 1 pm EST. According to Radar Online, “Jill was in the car with her publicist on her way to promote her film, […]

LHHH Nikki Mudarris’ Sex Tape Scandal


Love & Hip Hop Nikki Mudarris sex tape scandal Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member Nikki Mudarris who had no idea a leaked sex tape would surface is warning everyone who posts it to take it down or she’ll sue. Nikki’s attorney claims the video was recorded without her knowledge and reports of her […]

Melissa Gorga RHNJ


Melissa Gorga has been one busy mama. Not only is Melissa a hot housewife, mother, author, singer, jewelry designer, reality television star but now we can add a boutique owner. That’s right folks a boutique owner-fancy. Melissa is launching a new business venture and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She will be […]

Survivor 31 recap “Survivor MacGyver”

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CBS –Survivor 31 recap “Survivor MacGyver”   Last week on Survivor, in the middle of Cambodia just off the coast of the South China sea, 20 fan favorite castaways will have their second chance at winning one million dollars. Divided into two tribes Ta Keo in green and Bayon in red they competed for an […]

Pretty Strong Chicago Bliss Female Football League


Pretty Strong New show alert!!! PRETTY STRONG will air on October 6th on Oxygen. The show follows 8 women from Chicago Bliss-all female football league. How impressive is that? Not only are these ladies two-time champions but they are gunning for championship number 3. The series is filled with drama and chaos as the ladies […]

OJ Simpson Almost Did What?


OJ Simpson almost did what in Kim Kardashian’s bedroom? New information has just come out about OJ Simpson, back in 1995 during the trial regarding the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. According to Lawrence Schiller, the author of American Tragedy: The Uncensored story of the OJ Simpson defense, Simpson actually thought about […]

Scott Disick Partying For Days


“Scott Disick Partying For Days With Leggy Blonde” Scott has been on an alcoholic fuel binge that has lasted for days. The 32-year old was seen drinking all day and night Wednesday in New York City with an unknown blonde. The partying started at his hotel and they were then spotted walking out of Trump […]

Tori Spelling New Show!


Tori Spelling New Show! Tori Spelling is making her return to television with a new Lifetime special, Tori Spelling: Lie Detector Test. For the show, which airs on Oct. 3, Tori faces a series of difficult questions while hooked up to a Polygraph machine.For eight hours, she was hit with questions and nothing was off […]

Big Bang Episode 2 Recap “The Separation Oscillation”

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CBS – Big Bang Episode 2 Recap “The Separation Oscillation” Moments after Penny and Lenard got married, things felt uneasy between them. Like for example, in the car on the way to the church, Lenard had a bright idea to tell Penny he kissed another girl. That night after their weeding, Lenard had a dream […]

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