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News Alert #BB17 Austin is a cheater?


LOL QUICKIE He Said She Said! I have been sticking up for Austin for weeks.  When he said that he and his girlfriend were trying to see where they would end up when they got done, I believed him.  Why wouldn’t I?  He said it as Austin, not as Judas.  He made himself seem like […]

BB17 Live Feeds on Sale Now

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Are you ready for Big Brother 17! The two-night season premiere is on Wednesday, June 24th and Thursday, June 25th at 8 p.m. est. Click our ad below to go to CBS.com and sign up for CBS ALL Access which gives you the live feeds & more, and you will be registered to win HOH robe. This […]

Atlanta Plastic “The Ugly Duckling Ge...


“The Ugly Duckling Gets Her Day” Roz is 47 years old, has had four children and wants a vaginal reguvination. Meet Dr. Baron. A black, female plastic surgeon who is exactly what Roz feels will understand what she wants done with her body. Her husband is very upset that she tells the doctor about her […]

T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle


“Harris Haunted House” The family discusses whether they believe in ghosts or not. Tiny believes…Tip does not. They decide to go ghost hunting. Experts are called in to help assist them by bringing some ghost hunting equipment. The entire family arrives at Green Manor and they split up in groups to investigate whether a spirit […]

“Doing Me” Love and Hip Hop


“Doing Me” Momma Dee asks Erica to be in her wedding as a bridesmaid and a part of the whole process. Tiffany tells Joseline that she has already collaborated on a song with Stevie while Joseline feels it is necessary to tell Tiffany about her three way with Dime. Nikko’s mother is in town visiting […]

“Swimming With the Sharks” RHOC


The Real Housewives of Orange County “Swimming With the Sharks” The girls land in Tahiti and are greeted by a lovely traditional dance and Tamra asks one of the dancers, “Is that your wiener hanging out?” Vicki says it was a gift from her! Tamra jumps in the water topless while Shannon plugs in her […]

Monty Says Goodbye


Picture by allthingsrh.com Monty Brinson the ex husband of Kim Richards says goodbye via Instagram to his loved ones. Monty has been battling cancer for quiet some time now. Folks you may remember Monty from appearing on few episodes of RHOBH. Per social media reports Monty has been given few weeks to live. I feel […]

A&E-Intervention 8-2-15


LOL RECAP Intervention Amanda and James… Amanda is addicted to heroin. “Nothing else matters…not even my two boys” who have been taken away from her and custody has been awarded to her mother, Bonnie. She has been addicted for two years and scores her drug of choice in capsule form. She shoots up… As a […]

Basketball Wives LA Season 4 Episode ...


Jackie defends herself against Meghan’s accusations that she didn’t have her back during the argument between Draya and the rest of the girls. They talk things out and decide to move forward with their friendship. Brandi Facetimes with her husband in Charlotte as they discuss how difficult it is living apart from one another. Draya […]

DWTS- My Meet and Greet with Derek &#...


LIVING IN THE LAND OF THE SURREAL – a MOVE Live Blog by Debbie Flashback to the first time I ever saw Mr. Hough dance…It was Fall 2010 and I had just left everything I ever knew in a move from Maryland to Georgia. To fulfill a void, I began watching Dancing with the Stars […]

Stewart’s and Hamilton’s


“Stewed Awakening” Stewart’s and Hamilton’s Ashley Hamilton discusses his struggle with sobriety as Kimberly explains that he is co-dependent with regard to his friend and roommate Pablo. The Stewart girls are planning another trip to earthquake ridden Haiti and want Sean to go with them. George and son GT visit Ashley and plan on taking […]

I Am Cait-“The Road Trip”

I Am Cait-“The Road Trip”

“The Road Trip” Caitlyn is learning how to be more feminine as she states all she wants to do is, “To slip into society.” She prepares for a girls night with several trans women. The ladies arrive and discuss their personal journeys from male to female. Most of the women share that “coming out” was […]

Big Brother 17 Episode 18


Big Brother 17 Episode 18 Original Airdate: Sunday, August 2, 2015 CBS Last week on Big Brother Jason left the house with a vote of 7-2 vote. Since Liz won the Battle of the Block, Julia will enter the Big Brother house as a full time houseguest. Also since Julia entered the house, the game […]

Dance Moms: Positivity!

kenzie rndd

Dance Moms: Positivity! By: AKALETIC With all of the negativity in the media these days about the stars of Dance Moms, I decided to take a mini break from introducing the girls to focus on the good things that are going on in their lives. Too many times we can be caught up in the […]

Quad vs Lisa Married to Medicine.

photo 2

Quad vs Lisa Yes folks another fight on Married to Medicine. This time it’s Quad and Lisa Nicole. For those of you who watch the show the fight was epic, dramatic, some what violent, and not lady like. Both parties came in to the restaurant with good intensions but as we all know in reality […]

Jason is Gone From Big Brother House


Back to Moms Basement? Jason is gone from Big Brother house.   The house will not be the same with out Jason. Jason has become one of my favorite houseguests this season. Between Johnny Mac and Jason I am not sure which one would be my top choice. I like them both very much. Folks […]

Brandi Tells Tamra To STFU…!


Brandi Tells Tamra To STFU…! Tamra advised Brandi to just “own it” that she got fired and tell the truth, because ain’t nobody believing lies this steep. Tamra is calling out Brandi and says her offer from Bravo to stay as a full time housewife for $500,000.00 is “ bullsh@t!” “We have the same production […]

Marriage BootCamp “Grave Injustice”


“Grave Injustice” The Boot Campers are to address “Obstacles” today by identifying past issues that made a significant impact on their lives. Each person breaks down as they reveal the most painful, intimate moments in their lives. Jim explains that unless they let go of these emotions they will never heal. Hank is the only […]

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